Thursday, January 4, 2007

What's up, yall? About Me!!

Ummmm... I really dont know what to say...
Well I guess I will start with, I am going to AUSTRALIA!! BOOOYAHHH! OH YEAH GO ME! LOL, Just Kidding. I really am going to Australia this June. I have to raise $5,000 between now and the end of April. I am calling local businesses and asking them to sponsor me. Some are very kind and actaully have called me and said, " Hey, we have a check for ya... Come on in and get it!" and I'm just like "Shawwinng!" Haha... and yes i really like those words.. Lol. BTW if any of yall have any extra change floating arround... I am more than willing to take it :P haha! Other than that Im not doing all that much. I am working on making it onto the Excaliburs(my school's drill team) and I am really hoping to make it. I LOVE to dance! It is my latest PASSION! Well, other than guitar. I'm actually doing really well with my guitar too(breaking it over Larry's head) Lol... Not really. oh man he would kill me... Not only for hitting him but for breaking a guitar!!! and I would miss it GREATLY! Hmmm... I have been in my school's plays lately. I was margret in the last play called Much ado about nothing! A very intersting play if you ask me. Whoa... and Margret... what a Character... although she only has two lines she walks arround and she is kinda like a mime in a way... well... she also has this window scene...
*Makeout Scene* *cough*.... A very intersting scene... and the person that played margret... (Me) has the biggest crush on the Claudio of the play... One of the main characters.... OOOO... Gorgeous! lol my heart just went THUMP and woah i was gone... Lol well ummm I think that is about it other than school is really good... I have like a "C" in Financial literacy but every one knows i am not that good with math... the only thing that gets me is I have an "A" in Geometry... kinda weird, huh? I have a "B" in drama... not sure about American Studies... but I have had two big projects one right after the other in that class!!! About drove me UP THE WALL! well I have a "B" in French, An "A" in English.... Umm thats about all i know there... I believe I am done... Well have a WICKED AWSOME weekend! Luv you all,
Lili XohXoh

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