Friday, October 5, 2007

A reunion and a ball

What is that quote from the poet, Bobby Burns? something about 'the best laid plans of mice and men often gang awry? Ok. So I butchered it. At least you get the idea.

I planned to write on my blog frequently, once school started. But it didn't happen. That was BF - Before the Funeral. Actually, my last blog was probably BD - Before the Death. I really don't remember.
Who died? My ex.
Now, normally a woman doesn't get all involved in an ex's funeral unless she's either A) dancing on his grave or B) still involved in some sort of relationship with him.

For me, neither really fits. I had no need to dance on Jimmy's grave. I held no ill feelings towards him. In fact, he was at my house two or three weeks before he passed away and we chatted for a while. He was going in for surgery and I told him I'd visit him while he was in the hospital.

Then I made a flying trip to California just in time to be with my mother as she had a heart attack (probably the shock of seeing me brought it on, don't you think?) and didn't get back until he was ready to be released. Less than five days later he was dead.

Because all of his children were coming home for the funeral - with their wives and little ones - Rick's and my oldest son and wife made the trip down, too. We did a military burial for Jimmy. Then everyone came to my house for an impromptu family reunion. I kept all the grandkids for the next two days while Jimmy's and my kids sorted through his belongings. And by then I was so exhausted I still haven't caught up. Hence no more blogging

The funeral and reunion were good, though. The weather was lovely. The park was empty so we could spill into it through my back gate and nobody needed to feel crowded. Rick, Richie and Larry each took the day off work; Lili sluffed school. And we got family photos - the first I've ever gotten with all my kids because Chris left for Illinois two months after Lili was born 17 years ago and never, since, have all of my kids been in one place at the same time. How I've envied my cousin her family portrait! Now I have one of my own.

So, who is who? Let's see. Back row, L to R: (Oh, and be sure to double left click to make the photo larger)
Lili, Larry, Chris, Me and Rick
Second row:
Tracy and Mike; Chris' wife, Pam; Rich and Lori; Spence and Amanda
Front groupings:
Suzie, Kevin and kids (Brandon, Sarah and Emily);Chris' daughter, Katie; Steve,Jenn and kids (Jordan, Tyler,Geoffey,Jacob and Ammon) All kids are listed in order of age, not placement. The only one missing was Chris' son, Keenan, who couldn't come.
Of this grouping, my children are Chris, Mike, Suzie, Steve, Spence, Rich, Larry and Lili. Chris was married nine days before his baby sister, Lili, was born. That's why it's been difficult getting all my family together. Chris lives near Syracuse, NY and Spence lives in Spokane, Wa. and everyone else is scattered somewhere between.

My family doesn't stay put very well. I think they all inherited their itchy feet from me. Lili spent time in Australia this summer and is planning a trip to Europe after she graduates from high school next year. Rich spent a couple of years in Brazil and just this week took his wife on a trip back to Sao Paulo. Chris and I have been to Canada a time or two and Spence, whose wife is Canadian, loves exploring the Canadian Rockies. He even lived up there for a while. ...And Rick has been to Mexico, Turkey and Germany. Steve goes to Mexico to get his dental work done and I'm hoping to scare up the money to do likewise. ...So we're rather a globe-trotting group. At least we're trying to be.

Now, for those of you who have been waiting for photos of Lili on Homecoming night. Ta Dum! Here you go. - Oh, before I post need to understand something. Lili is not allowed to go on single dates - it always has to be a double date or a group date. Josh has always been willing to be her 'chaperone' so this time she arranged a date for him with one of her friends. I did not get to see or photograph the girl so you'll only get to see the three muskateers, Cody (Lili's date), Lili and Josh.

First of all, Lili had to make sure Josh's hair was appropriately styled. (Looked more like he'd stuck his finger in a light socket but Lili assured me it was fashionable).

then I caught a snap of Lili and her date - Cody. Cody is the kid who snatched her from the street just before a bus would have run over her in Australia. They've been really close friends ever since.

I had to have a photo of the three of them together. Here are my three muskateers.

And, since Lili looked like a princess, she had to have a photo of her glass slipper.

Then they all left for the 'ball'. Lili's coach, for the night,was Cody's brand new Audi. Some folks have it tough, don't they?
For a report, the kids went out to eat first - Lili had duck and bacon-wrapped shrimp and loved them both. Then they danced the night away and Lili says she had a lot of fun. And this time Cinderella was home BEFORE midnight. Cody knows me well enough if I say be home at such-and-such a time he makes sure he obeys. :) I've trained him well (More like I've scared the poor kid to death but that's ok, too. It doesn't hurt him.)

So there you have it - a reunion and a ball. chat with you-all later.