Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just thought I would add a quick post... I got to speak to Lili again on the phone the next day. She needed the recipe for syrup. The connection wasn't very good, but I at least got to say hello to her. I sure do miss her, and wish like everything I could be there with her. I am sure all of us wished that. She is currently signed in t the instant messenger, but I don't know if she will be checking it or not. I will certainly post anything she has to say. I know she is having the time of her life and wish her the best days to come. My love to everyone. Buzzy

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IM from lili

I got a phone call about ordering a school sweater for Lili, tonight. I didn't know she had expressed interest in buying one but I wasn't surprised. She was elected vice president of the drama club for next year.
Anyhow, I needed to talk to her about it and was starting an email when she started paging me on instant messenger. As nearly as I could tell, her messages were taking MAYBE 1/2 minute to arrive on my computer. Have we any idea just how wonderful the age in which we live truly is?
She had hopped online to see if anyone from the family was on the computer. She wanted a copy of my pancake recipe. She's with her host family, now, and they only have cereal for breakfast. She wanted to cook pancakes-a-la-mom for them. So I sent her my recipe and then I had to go to the store.
When I got back she had been back online waiting for me. When she found out I was home, she called. Sue and her kids, Nate (one of Lili's friends who happened to be here at the time) and I all got to chat with her a bit. Sue and I also spoke at length to her host mother. The family owns a farm and will be taking Lili out to it in an hour or so. Since Lili spent her early years on a ranch in Wyoming, she's very interested in seeing the equipment they use in Australia.
The host mom (Denise Muller) sounded very nice. She's a younger woman with several small boys. She said Lili was going to cook supper for them, too, if they could find the ingredients for what Lili wanted to cook. She made the comment, though, that she wasn't sure they had the same foods that we have here in America. I'm sure they probably don't.
At any rate, Lili is enjoying herself. She's taken a ton of photos but they're on someone else's computer and she doesn't know how to get them uploaded. I sent instructions for posting on the blog so we'll have to watch for something from her.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

another letter from Lili in Australia

After Lili's letter to Larry talking about learning to surf, I wrote her asking if she'd learned to hang ten. I sent the letter about 11am and had her reply when I checked my email six hours later. Isn't technology wonderful?! Twenty years ago it would have taken minimum a week or two to hear from her. A hundred years ago it would have been months. We are so fortunate to live in the day and age we do.

...Anyhow, as I started to say - she didn't have a clue what I was talking about when I asked if she'd learned to hang ten (surfer slang for having all ten toes off the board). ...At least that's what I've been told. I've never surfed. Don't want to. Went swimming in the ocean once and couldn't get out soon enough. I'm a LAND LUBBER for sure!!! :)

Oh, and before I paste her letter here, I want to comment on what she sent Larry. Her brother about went nuts when she left, he was so lonely for his little sister. They truly are best of friends - and that's a good thing. Also, I was so busy after she left I didn't get an email sent out telling all y'all to check out what I wrote about her leaving and listing her itinerary. Check it out if you want to know where she is and what she's doing day by day.

Anyhow, here's her letter to her Dad and me....

Hang ten? I think you kinda lost me. lol I miss you guys to. The first day I
went swimming at the Aquatic center then we went to the sydney opera house.
Then we went to dinner at this really cool place... The lighting and
everything was really pretty. Then the next day we went to china town, and
annother place... I cant remember right now. Then we went to dinner at
another cool place... they are all really really nice resteraunts.. with
lost of hot waiters... :P lol then yester day we went sailing... I got to
steer the boat... and they all called me skipper.... lol it was great. I
never realized how easy it was... the captain asked me if I had ever been
sailing before. I told him no. But he said I looked like I had lots of
expreience... I was so happy it was fun I wish you could have been there.
Then we had the afternoon to go shopping... lol the whole afternoon. I got
airk his mug he wanted. and larry something, and mom something... and lolo.
I am still trying to find the perfet thing for dad... they have so many
amazing things here. But I don't want just anything for you guys... I want,
THE BEST! tell buzzy I will get that shot glass she wanted me to get for
her friend.
I got some jewelry.. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! and mom your
GREEN.... with some GOLD. Just for you! :D I think about you guys all the
time... tell grandma and everyone... (leaders) I think about them and you
guys constantly... I did have jet lag for a while... but I have been waking
up early... I actually feel kinda good. Like yesterday I woke up at 4... but
thats okay because I was in bed at like 7... lol I really miss you guys. I
need to go eat breakfast... but I am leaving today.. I will have to try to
find an internet caffe next time. Because we are leaving the hotel in like
an hour. We are going to head up to vision valley. and we have some of the
coolest people... like the bus driver... Malcolm. He is AWESOME! and the guy
who gets us everything. His name is john... They are awesome! Oh i remember
what we did before china town... we went surfing on the ocean! it was
great... and I think i got sea sick... lol but oh well it was fun. anyways I
love you and I miss you I will try to call later today for fathers day..
otay! I love you

leelee writing from austrailia!

hey larry,
sorry about that. I accidentally sent you a blank one. I miss you too linus... What ha/ ve you been doing while i'm gone. Thinking about me. :) I miss you.. everthing is AWESOME! Guess what guns N' roses is coming to sydney at the end of this month! I wish you were here. I would take you with me. Well... I cant go.. but if i could I would take you with me. Oh, i went surfing in the ocean yesterday. It was awesome... I miss you so much. I think about you all the time... YOu are my BREASTEST FWEND! :D lol i cant wait to see you again. I have to find a place to download picture... because i only have 20 min. on this one. and I cant download any of them yet... But some of them are so AMAZING!!! well I love you and I miss you ... w/b soon. I love hearing from you.. and yes... I will bring you back a leelee... :D