Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dads Photos - Touchups

Just wanted to show you guys some befores and afters of some pictures of papa. I think they are pretty cool. Again larry scanned these and sent them to me, however the original he sent me was a small and compact copy - not a full blown scan - so basically they would look even better if I had a higher quality original to go with. With dads high school photo I have taken and removed quite a bit of photo damage. I removed a stain and crack and some scratches and and and etc.... I then took and smoothed his face out and removed some of the blemishes he had. What a handsome feller!

As far as the one of dad as a younger child I restored faded color. I then hand tinted it to bring kind of a primitive color film effect to it. I think this one turned out great. It took a lot of hours of tweakng, but I think it looks great from the glare in his glasses down to the accents and color of his gums. I really hope the family enjoys these as much as I do. Please send me more photos to play with. You can email them to

Love you all;

Spencer Mittan

Monday, January 15, 2007

picture touch ups

Okay guys and gals!

How's everyone doing out there?

I just popped on before I head to bed to share some image touchups I did on some photos I got larry to send me. Keep in mind that my touch up can only be as good as what the original was as far as quality. In this case I didn't have much to work with, but it was fun any way. You will see a before and after on all of these.

If you enjoy these and would like to see more than email me your originals - preferrably in a larger and higher quality format, but anything will work. You just might get a small photo back to you. For those of you who are unaware - my email is:

love you all and talk to you soon;


P.S. I am start a new job here in about another week - once I clear the background check. I will be slling cars a the volkswagen and audi dealership here in spokane. I actually will be selling all the major brands from the Appleway/Autonation chain, but my specialty will be VW/Audi. For those of you who don't know - Audi is owned by VW and is just a glorified, more expensive version of their other vehicles.

My current job doesn't want to let me go so I am going to stay on there part time for the fun of it as a maintenance manager and plumbing specialist centered in the Westminster Apartments in the Browns Addition here in Spokane. The Westminster is a neat old building over 100 years old! I think the plumbing is abut that old too with all the leaks it has. It is a really neat building with a gothic/germany architectural theme. It is 5 stories tall and comes complete with the original Otis Elevator installed in 1906 and the coal powered boiler (which has been replaced, but still resides in the building) also installed in 1906.

Anyway... Talk to you all later.