Tuesday, January 8, 2008

good news, pics, and more...

Good news! Buzzy's little boy, Brandon, is now off his anti-seizure meds and his latest eeg was clean. He may start seizing again at some future date but for the moment, he's doing well. That is wonderful news to all of us.

photos - today we got copies of the photos taken of lili for her drama class. I love the black and white they blew up and sent home with her but the color pics aren't bad either. I'll enclude a couple-three of them here. Let's get a vote going...which do you think is best?
Although I like them all, I think I'd vote for either three or four. Four is better on her eyes but three is more Lili...more of her fun personality coming through.
I went down to the school, today, to work on costumes for the upcoming dinner-theater the kids are doing. After watching them rehearse, I'm looking forward to going to the production. Lili's group is doing a Clue-type who-dun-it about two opposing mafia groups where the son of one and daughter of the other get married. Lili's the mother of the bride.
Lili was chosen for her character because she already does an Italian accent fairly well. - She and Larry do different accents between each other all the time...limey, southern, aussie, italian or whatever. It's a lot of fun to listen to them.
A bridal shop from across town had some dresses they wanted to get rid of and donated them to the school drama dept. so I took Lili and four of the other girls from the play down so they could choose costumes for the production. That was interesting. Those kids had more fun trying on formal dresses.
Now I'm making alterations. I'm gonna have to do some major reconstruction on Lili's costume because it's excessively revealing. She actually brought two dresses home - planning to probably use the other one but the teacher didn't like the color. I don't like the fact this one is jersey and it's tighter than her own skin but I guess I'll just do the best I can do and we'll go with whatever I can come up with. And I have absolutely no intention of taking her father to the production. He'd have a fit, no matter what I do to the costume.
He got all uptight when he found out one of the girls was supposed to dress as a slut. If he were to see his daughter's dress he'd be all sorts of upset.
And speaking of Rick, we got the results back on his colonoscopy today. The polyp they removed was benign. That was good news. He became really ill about ten days ago. Chills. Fever of 102.6. I was about frantic. But he was over it in one day and his chest xray was clear so there you go. Blessings to be counted.
I've finished my seasonal job but next week I'll be starting a permanent job as office manager for a new multi-level company that's going in downtown. This should be interesting, to say the least. Challenging, too.
And I'll only get to see Rick on weekends since he works swing and I won't be home before he leaves for work. Ah well. One does what one has to do. The job pays really well, I can pretty much set my own hours - at least at first - and, for the most part, I'll be my own boss. What more could I ask? At my age I'm just grateful to have a job. - We'll see how this goes.
Also, in my news, I've done enough rewrites on my book that I'm about sick to death of it. But I think it's just about ready to be sent off. I've sent it out to a couple of readers and I'm waiting to hear back on their opinions - and I've gotta say I hope they don't suggest a bunch of changes because if they do it's probably going to be another six months before I even want to look at the thing. It's to the point where I think I've about memorized it.
Oh well. It's well written - I know that already. Even the parts that needed the most rewrites were interesting enough my readers have wanted to read more. Since this last self-editing go-round it's much tighter. I think I've pretty well conquered the problems that plagued me before. So ... I'm hopeful that it's about finished, now, and ready for production.
And on that note - I think I'd better go finish supper and then hem the costume I brought home tonight. Be sure and send your votes on Lili's pics, please.
thanks and ciao