Thursday, January 4, 2007

I am larry, an there were some that called me larry.

Sitting down to enjoy a nice drink of ice cold eggnogger, he was unaware that lurking behind him was the killer rabbit.... Bunny. There's something in this eggnog.

So hi, I'm larry. You can call me.. larry. I'm 20, have no life so to speak and I play alot of video games. I'm also a intermediate musician, but that's not very important. Where to start with my very off the wall and different life. I spend half of my day writing music or lyrics. The other half is as follows, wake up, shower, eat, scare people, eat and last but not least my favorite sleep! I actually do alot more in life, but since this was something I was forced to do you can imagine why I'm writing like I am. *wink wink, nudge nudge, know what i mean, say no more*
So a brief dramatic and sad story from my life. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl fall apart in seperate lives... Boy and girl die heartbroken. I wrote a song to explain how I felt bout the situation, it's very very deep however. So if you read it, it might be confusing. But the emotion is there if you imagine it in your mind as I did when I wrote it!

The Room
I see you sitting there alone
no one to call your own
the musics playing so loud
too many voices, too much sound
I reached out for your hand in mine
but you were only a fictional dream
I raced against the sands of time
it wasn't what it had once seemed
you couldn't see me standing there
a pure image of the clearest lucidity
for you I couldn't be there to share
I never had you, you never had me
I played you a series of songs
but the words remained the same
I forgot how to tell what was wrong
we washed away in the coming rains
now the time is over and the story done
I could never be your shining hero
for you I could never be that certain one
you let me fade away into the setting sun
you let me melt away into the dying sun

So there it is. Layed down on the line. I'm different, I prefer to stand out. However to you I am merely another human being in the world. Who until just barely you never knew existed. I have a million stories I could tell, a bunch of life experiences to share. Life can be interesting. I leave with you a small thought. Where would you be today, if the first person you ever fell in love with had never existed? And if you were still with that person, where would you be?

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