Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today's MORP - and other tidbits

Nessa, Gabe, Julie, Larry, Lili and Josh
Gabe, Larry and Josh Today her new highschool had MORP. This time it was 'black and white'. Dress was casual but supposed to be something that would look cool under black lights.
Again Lili and some friends had a dinner. The girls had planned to have a picnic, again, but we got a spring squall just as they were finishing preparations so everybody ate in our kitchen. Dad and I retired to my sewing room where we could have some peace. :) The kids had a lot of fun without us.
Just before the kids were ready to leave for the dance Julie's mother called in a panic - she'd just seen some of the neighborhood kids leaving in tuxes and formal dresses with corsages and the works. Our kids must have misunderstood (our group was in jeans). I made a quick call to one of the boys I knew was on the planning committee and was reassured our kids were dressed appropriately.
I don't know where those other kids were headed. Maybe a Latino girl's 15th birthday bash. Who knows? We'd have been in trouble if our kids had had to have formal wear. I think Lili is the only girl who owns a fancy dress and Gabe was the only boy who had anything that even came close to evening wear.
Sometimes I look at my hair and marvel at how grey I'm getting! I think I just acquired another zillion white hairs today.

Lili, Julie and Nessa

In between everything else she had going today, Lili had a one hour meeting for her church youth group this morning and a two hour meeting for People to People this afternoon.
Today, after their People to People training session, the kids put together boxes of goodies to be sent to servicemen in Iraq...things the soldiers out in the toolies can't get - like small packs of Kleenex, hand sanitizer, gum, candy, playing cards, magazines, etc.
I was very glad the leader chose that as a service project. Other projects such as working at the aviary downtown and observing Earth Day by cleaning a hiking trail had been proposed by various parents. In my opinion People to People is about people and I felt the service project should be more people oriented. I was more than happy to contribute items to this project. Lili was, too. We even stayed late to help finish packing the boxes and load them in the leader's car.
Next month we'll be having a general fundraiser in the form of a flea market/bake sale where each family can have a table and sell items. Lili was already working on getting things ready for a garage sale so we'll just do this instead.
Before that day, however, Lili will take a snorkeling class so she can snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the kids and one of the leaders will be scuba diving at the Reef but Lili won't be allowed to because she's asthmatic and it's against Australian law for asthmatics to scuba dive. Interesting law but it makes sense. It's much easier to rescue someone who's having an asthma attack if they're paddling around on the surface of the water rather than 50 feet down.

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