Tuesday, January 23, 2007

some interesting photos

Great photo touchups, Spence! Wish I had your toy. :)

Quick news update before I go to work. These photos are from the trip Dad and I took on Martin Luther King Day to visit some elderly relatives of mine down in Provo, Utah. The carvings are done by an 84-year-old man and they're beautifully done! I only hope you can make them bigger so you can see the details. He's a superb artist.

Other than that, Larry's still job searching...and pickin' and grinnin'. Dad is trying to put food on the table and grateful for the best job he's had in years. Lili started a new semester of school yesterday - and came home with tonsillitis. Great start! We don't know if she's going to make the trip to Australia. Her fund raising is being very slow at the moment. I'm 'donating' plasma twice a week and subbing on other days.

As some of you know, Steve blew his knee last fall and had to have some rather extensive reconstructive surgery to repair the cartilage. He re-tore it a couple of weeks ago and it's looking like more surgery. Makes his work very difficult. I'm including their news because they have their hands full now that he's not motating so fast again.

Sue has her computer fixed. Yea!!! One of the little girls put a quarter in the back of her machine and shorted out the power supply. Bless children. As soon as she gets the internet back she'll hopefully be uploading her own news. ...And, by the way, she makes the BEST cinnamon rolls these days. She's working in a bakery and their recipe is about the best I've ever tasted!

Well, I gotta upload the photos I wanted to share and then run to school. Chat with y'all later.



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