Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello all-
We are finally back online and ready to go! I am very happy to have my 'puter back!

Okay, so here's the news...

Kevin is back at work, kinda. He was called in this last week, and we were very happy about it! his boss says that more than likely he will be working by February instead of March. YAY!!! Meanwhile he is staying home with the kids and keeping house. He does pretty darn good too!

I am not working at Sears anymore. I am not sure how many folks didn't know that, so sorry to be repetitive. I am working at Mrs. Powell's famous cinnimon rolls. It is alright. I prefer to be working in the back, rolling. But they love me up front with the customers. The owner told me today that she wanted to put me in management, but I politely declined. No Thank You! Not after all that crap through Sears.
I am working with my friend Linda Hibbert to start our own studio. We are very excited and hope to have it going by the end of the summer. Meantime, I am doing weddings, families, and some senior portraits. It keeps me going, and I am really happy to still be behind the camera!

Brandon is doing really well. He had another EEG the end of december, and everything came back wonderfully normal. No changes in medications, which is terrific!
He is a total whiz at school, and picks up on things very quickly! I had the opportunity to sit in on his class for a few minutes and his hand was always one of the first ones up to answer a question. He gets a lot of them right too!

Sarah is very much a "pink" girl! Everything is PINK!!! Including (ahem) her eyes... Let me explain. Since pink is her favorite color she recently informed us that her eyes were pink. We assured her they were blue. She said, (and I quote!) "No guys. Blue is for BOYS! Pink is for girls so mine are pink! Complete with the "Hello!" expression.

Emily is finally in her twister straps. She is very pidgeon toed and it took almost 6 months, but she is in them, and they are already making a HUGE difference! Her Physical Therapist has never seen someone her age try to do the things she is trying, so he is very confidant she won't be in these for very long.

Well, that's all our news. I am excited to be able to hear fromeveryone through this! Love to you all!!!

Kevin, Suzie, Brandon, Sarah, & Emily

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