Sunday, January 7, 2007

A cold wintery back yard!

So this is a picture over looking the llama farm in my backyard. Behind it you can see the hills and over those you will find two different lakes. I took this picture with my cell phone because who knows where my camera is. I still haven't gotten everything unpacked. It's a cool wintery day here in eastern washington. We got socked with a good storm friday night, but by the time saturday rolled around it warmed up and sent the snow accumalation packing. Boy it's great!

The second picture you will notice is a little more vibrant - I went into Adobe Photoshop and took an alienskin filter that gave it a film quality. I went for a Velvia 100 film look. You'll notic it kind of over-saturates the colors and makes it a little bit warmer.

The third picture - on the other hand - I have gone through and painted it digitally in a oil paint using snap-art. This filters are pretty incredible. I can do things in a variety of styles and make some pretty startling pictures. This painting doesn't look as good as some of my others because the quality of the original wasn't there to begin with (due to the fact the camera is a call phone!) and it's hard to cut down on the detail on the fence to make it look less phot-like without messing up the other details I want to keep. It's almost as time consuming as actually painting these scenes can be! (Ok not really, but when i really work on something it can take quite a while.) I love Adobe and I love it's capabilities.

I am going to post another couple of pictures after this to show you lovely British Columbia. I think you will like it!


-Spence and Amanda

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