Sunday, January 7, 2007

Answer to 'May I?'

The Chronicles is for boring - or not so boring - news. We can do another blog if everyone wants to join into FRIENDLY controversy. My main goal with this blog was give everybody the opportunity to keep everyone else posted on personal and family news. I hear a lot of "How come you never told me about that?!" With eight of you kids out there - plus teenaged grandkids -I can't keep track of who I've told what. Some of you have voiced the same problem - some of you haven't even tried to keep others up to speed with what you're doing or what's important to you. It's difficult. Hence this blog.

I want this to be positive, warm and friendly. That's why I'm saying 'no' to controversial subjects. I think most everyone is willing to cheer Katie on in her swimming or Spence in his photography. I'd love to have Jenn tell the rest of you about Geoffrey in WalMart when they were shoe shopping. It's a hoot. Maybe Sue can post some of Brandon's math or artwork - or tell you how he caught his dad on what to say about girls. You'll roll over that one! We'd like to see a photo of Chris' and Mike's houses, respectively. . . if you have the equipment to post photos. And I'm sure Kee and Keri have news to share - so should Rich and Lori (If nothing else, Rich can tell us his views of his current job)- and if Chris or Pam can get this website to Kenny and Jess, they're more than welcome to join in, too. Ken will probably have plenty to share about his new job and Jess has the little one to tell us about.

If y'all want me to do a blog for controversy let me know and I'll set one up. I only ask that you don't get into anything that's hurtful to someone else. Our family is very divergent in its beliefs and views. I will expect everyone to use the Golden Rule at all times. Since we each hold our own personal beliefs and views sacrosanct, we need to always give everyone else the same respect. I have absolutely no problem with saying, "This is what I believe or what I think." I have a HUGE problem with someone saying, "Well, you're wrong!" when someone else is expressing his/her beliefs or values. Religion and politics can be a real hotbed of emotion. If we, as a family, can keep in mind that we each have the God-given right to think as we choose and if we're all willing to respect each other's views regardless of whether or not we agree with them, then let's go for it.

I love you all - especially Any Mouses (or muses or mooses or whatever you want to call yourselves) :) ,

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