Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mom's News

Guess what, guys - Christmas is over!!! :) So is the shortest day of 2006! :) I hate short days. Love sunshine - the more the better. So Christmas being over means the days are getting longer and that makes me a very happy camper! Each day means gardening season is one day closer. I can't wait.
My step-mom passed away the Thursday before Christmas and was buried on the 23rd. That meant a hurried trip to Idaho but for the first time ever photos were taken of all 11 of her children/step-children in one group. I'm looking forward to getting my copies. I had my daughter Suzie, who is a professional photographer, take photos of the group as well as of each of the children and their spouses. I don't figure I'll ever be together with everyone again so this will be a good memory. Too bad Momma and Daddy weren't there in person to be a part of it all.
I joined the Utah Poet's Society this year. It's been interesting. I have to confess I don't care for much of what passes for poetry these days, though. Give me Longfellow or Shakespeare or Byron any day.

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