Friday, February 1, 2008

Till Death Do Us Part

Murder and mayhem are rampant at Lili's school these days. Opposing Mafia families gun each other down one night while pirates rampage across the high seas the next. . .in the form of very popular dinner-theater plays.
Tonight I took photos of Lili's play - "Till Death Do Us Part" wherein the daughter of one mob family weds the son of an opposing family. Lili is mother of the bride while a good friend of hers, Brooke, is mother of the groom.
Murder is committed and the audience (as guests at the wedding reception) gets to try to figure out 'who dun it'.
Cast members for the pirate play were waiters tonight. Lili's group will wait tables tomorrow.
I mentioned, in my last blog, that Lili had chosen a dress I wasn't thrilled about. Fortunately her drama teacher shared my opinion. She and I took Lili and the other 'mother' shopping and the end result was superb. The girls got identical dresses and did a lot of ad-libbing about it that kept the audience in stitches.
This has been difficult for Lili. She's been fighting a kidney infection for the past 9 days--has missed several days of school. But she hasn't missed the play. She didn't have an understudy and hers was a vital role. I'm sure she'll be happy when the whole thing is over Monday night but it's been a great experience for her. Her teacher is very good and all the kids have done a superb job.
And now..... here are photos I thought you would enjoy. Is it right or left click you do to enlarge them? Who knows?
My very tired, half-sick daughter before leaving for the play tonight.
Lili (Amelia Bordoni) and 'daughter Nina' (the bride) getting ready in the dressing room.
Lili in the middle of hair and makeup session.
We're a little farther along, now.
The two 'mothers' before Brooke put her 'Rosa' wig on.
'Rosa' (left) and 'Amelia' (right).
The 'wedding line'. Rosa Cabrini (Brooke) is on the right, Amelia Bardoni (Lili) in the middle.
As each of the kids was introduced at the end, he or she was supposed to do something - his or her choice. Lili, as Amelia, chose to pretend to throttle Rosa.
So...there you have 'Till Death Do We Part". Tomorrow night I'll be photographing the pirate play. I understand it's just as fun. - And I have no intentions of telling you who 'dun' what for either one. Sorry. If you want to know, ask Amelia. She knows. But I signed a blood oath that I wouldn't tell. If I do, my oldest son becomes slave to the drama teacher. :)

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