Sunday, June 17, 2007

leelee writing from austrailia!

hey larry,
sorry about that. I accidentally sent you a blank one. I miss you too linus... What ha/ ve you been doing while i'm gone. Thinking about me. :) I miss you.. everthing is AWESOME! Guess what guns N' roses is coming to sydney at the end of this month! I wish you were here. I would take you with me. Well... I cant go.. but if i could I would take you with me. Oh, i went surfing in the ocean yesterday. It was awesome... I miss you so much. I think about you all the time... YOu are my BREASTEST FWEND! :D lol i cant wait to see you again. I have to find a place to download picture... because i only have 20 min. on this one. and I cant download any of them yet... But some of them are so AMAZING!!! well I love you and I miss you ... w/b soon. I love hearing from you.. and yes... I will bring you back a leelee... :D

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