Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dads Photos - Touchups

Just wanted to show you guys some befores and afters of some pictures of papa. I think they are pretty cool. Again larry scanned these and sent them to me, however the original he sent me was a small and compact copy - not a full blown scan - so basically they would look even better if I had a higher quality original to go with. With dads high school photo I have taken and removed quite a bit of photo damage. I removed a stain and crack and some scratches and and and etc.... I then took and smoothed his face out and removed some of the blemishes he had. What a handsome feller!

As far as the one of dad as a younger child I restored faded color. I then hand tinted it to bring kind of a primitive color film effect to it. I think this one turned out great. It took a lot of hours of tweakng, but I think it looks great from the glare in his glasses down to the accents and color of his gums. I really hope the family enjoys these as much as I do. Please send me more photos to play with. You can email them to

Love you all;

Spencer Mittan

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