Sunday, April 29, 2007

the joys of fundraising OR preparing for the garage sale

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. -- St. Paul, the Apostle

Parting with anything, be it paper scraps, ragged clothing, broken pencils or worn-out relationships has always been an insurmountable task for my daughter. She cannot put the memories behind her so she clings to everything. Because of it, when we moved into this house with its much-smaller bedrooms, there was no space for Lili to keep her memories around her. Much as I tried to get her to downsize, she would not. What couldn't be crammed into her bedroom was stored in the basement - in over 30 boxes.

With her Australia adventure rapidly approaching, she has finally decided it's time to de-junk a little and try to make money from some of the things she no longer cherishes as much as she did a couple of years ago. (Whoever said out of sight, out of mind was very wise!)

It started in her room where she discovered she had several large boxes of clothing that no longer fit or appealed. She was pleased - and so was I. While the pride of accomplishment was still fresh, I started hauling boxes up from the basement. Yesterday we had a marathon sorting session that nearly had my beloved daughter in tears but she now has an excellent start on a successful garage sale with 12 more boxes still to be sorted through.

I am very proud of Lili. I know just how difficult this has been for her. But she is becoming a young woman and has finally matured to the point where she is ready to de-junk a little.

De-junking isn't easy. There is always the paper parade that clutters up nearly every household these days...the postman brings it and, like old income tax returns that you really don't want around but which you know you will desperately need if you throw them away, you keep it. There are the gifts that really don't appeal but have been given by someone whose feelings you wouldn't hurt for anything in the world.

Perhaps one should de-junk one's job - strike out and DO what one has always dreamed of doing. Perhaps one needs to de-junk a habit that is outmoded and no longer useful. Perhaps what needs to be de-junked is a relationship that is something from which a person should move on but to which one clings because it meant something at one time.

There are plenty of things nearly every person could afford to de-junk if he/she were willing to cut him/herself loose...put away childish things, so to speak.

My daughter is putting away childish things as she ventures out into the world. Knowing this is being as difficult for her as it is for all of us, I am very pleased with the efforts she is making.

When she is finished, I think I need to follow her example.

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