Sunday, February 25, 2007

photos of work on the sandy wally's world parking lot

well, i was gonna load this one at the bottom but that didn't work. here's larry and lili - image from a recent photo shoot. this is what they look like when they're not out working in freezing temperatures. now we'll show you photos of them, steve and me working in freezing temps.

bollards, baby! here's lili dipping water, snow and ice out so she can fill the hole with concrete. note the water and slush drops in the air and the bottom of her orange cup behind the bollard.

here's steve manning the fire hose with me eating my lunch while i hold it up so he can move about easily. we were cleaning off this parking space to make it ready for striping on another day.

Steve and Larry mixing concrete.

lili loading gas for the cement mixer.
lili pouring gas in the cement mixer.

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